Grenada Hash House Harriers

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Grenada Hash House Harriers Diary

Hash #811 Softwood's Birthday Hash

Thank you very much to all 400 of you. I had a great day. The hangover tells me so. The venue was so well organised and ready we all kept thinking something had to wrong. Thankfully it did not. The trails were, as I had mentioned, a bit disjointed but I do not think anyone really bothered. We had a few that did not sign back in....They will in the future. Then we learned of Kim Mitchell, who had hashed for over two years and had avoided the de-virginising ceremony all that time. We put that right and now you can call her "Like A Virgin" The DJ got a big build up and I have to say he lived up to that billing tremendously. Thanks Jerry Bascombe great job. Then it was time to hand the Big Bamboo over to Simon "Christopher Columbus" Clay I know he will do a great job especially if you support him half as well as you did me. I did get a chance to say thanks to most of you personally if I missed you out I'm sorry and do not take it personally. To those who could not make it Thanks your support means a lot. To the team that has helped me over the last three years thank you. Without your help I could not have done it. Finally to by wonderful wife Jackie, I know exactly what you have done for me and for Grenada Hash House Harriers. I thank you with all my heart. Next week "Hopeless" is taking us back to Woodford or should I say 500yds after the dump!!! I think he is making an early claim to retain his title of Hash Shit of the Year. I'm off to the beach to relax whatever you are up to enjoy and take the satisfaction you have been part of three epic years. ON ON !!

Hash #810 Nonpareil St Mark's

Hashing in St Marks is always good. Did I not say that last week? We are never let down after the long drive north which was not helped by the many tourist buses traveling the same direction. The venue that "Crisis" had chosen was perfect. It had all you want. Look inland and you see beautiful hills. Look to the west and a great view of the Caribbean sea. I guess the hills tell the their own story of the trail that awaits us. HILLS AND MORE HILLS. The trail whilst we have done before is always a pleasure. Crisis has done it again Thanks Bro. With the news of Lester's passing still very fresh in our minds it was right that we pay our respects. I chose to highlight the need to keep our eyes on our brothers and sisters. We all have a duty to our friends to make sure our health is in good order. Now there are times that getting a hash name is long winded and at others it is plain to everyone. With Elan Taylor coming in the most florescent green hair you can imagine it was obvious that the only name we could give was Tinkerbell. With the hash police not doing their job it was time for Softwood to get hash shit of the week. Still not sure why. Next week it is Softwood's birthday hash. Mt Moritz is the venue and with good trails promised. After do not plan to get home early. Please come along and join in the festivities. We not only have my birthday party but also, as they say, "All good things have to come to an end". Yes it is time for Softwood to hang up his Hash Master's role and pass it on to fresh blood. I can honestly say it has been three of the best years of my life. Yes I and Jackie have put the work in but it would have been for nothing without the support of the many helpers along the way and YOU the hashers. The people who have supported me know who you are and please accept my very sincere thanks. To you the hounds WOW. You have supported me and all the mad ideas to the limit. Very special people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Grenadians I think were not sure of this English upstart at first but to be able to gain your respect has meant more to me than anything. Thank You. Now please support Simon to the fullest as I will and lets move on to the next chapter for Grenada Hash House Harriers. ON ON !!!

Hash #809 Bell Air Government School, St Andrews

Good to get back on the trails with the first numbered hash of 2014. "Bus Back' said what it did in the tin. He promised long trails and we got them. Although not quite what he promised. I got a lot of good reports of the runners trail and I did not here any complaints of the walkers. After all the rain we have had MUD had to be expected and we got. Very thankful for Bel Air Government School for the use of all their facilities including showers!!! Thanks to all at the school for organising the food, drink and DJ. All were excellent. For the entertainment the hounds were torn between watching cars, vans and buses trying to get out of the pasture. I believe all made it out including a Range Rover at the second attempt. Message to factory give driving lessons free when selling your cars. I could tell the joke about hedgehogs and Range Rovers but I will contain myself. Mandy for her world record attempt at losing hashers on New Year's Day got her just rewards with the hash name " Loser" Next week we are Nonpareil in the parish of St Marks. Always a great pleasure to hash in a very beautiful part of Grenada. "Crisis" is the hare and so you know you are in for some great trails. Details out soon. Till then take care and have a restful Sunday. ON ON!!!

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