Grenada Hash House Harriers

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Grenada Hash House Harriers Diary

Hash #782 - Champfleur, St.Davids

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The "Land of flowers" should also read " Land of great people".
To all who helped Naudia set up her Rum Shop yesterday thank you and what a great job you did. To think that you only found out 6 days before we descended on you.
You even pleased Johanna Kostka with the food!!!!

" Dominatrix" was the hare for the day but as ever she hauled in many others. The one person I did not mention yesterday was the guy who showed us the trails "Monkey Man" He was a big help all week. Thanks.
The person responsible for setting the trails was "Grandad" and a great job with three excellent trails for all abilities. It did take a while for the last ones to get back in but when they were the fun started.

First up was "Wrong Hole".
You may remember last week she used her brother to duck out of the punishment for messing the trail up the week before. She used the excuse that it was women's troubles.
Well please that is no excuse at all and so before the Virgins were blessed she got what was coming to her a warm beer in the Potty.

Yesterday we had a lot of old faces back at the hash for various reasons and so we made them all feel glad to be back in the bosom of GH3.

Then it was time to name a hasher who has been around for 3 years or more.
He moaned during the week that he had not got a hash name. Tut tut.
We were only to pleased to put that right.

So Wednesday evening we all gathered to reckie the trail.
Like I said "Dominatrix" does not travel light and " Doggie Style" was picking up Jamar Charles.
Off they went to the hash site but despite our great directions she could not find the Rum Shop.
Fear not Jamar was there to guide her in.
Out on the trail us gentlemen recognised that "Dominatrix" may not make it on the tougher sections so we sent her down the road to a point where we could meet her. We arrived but no sign of our lead hare so we sent Jamar to find her and guide back to base.
For all that good work Lamar we can now call you "Girl Guide". His comment after it was announced " Wait na...................".

Next week we are having a much asked for Moonlight hash. We are to be on the road between Beausejour and New Hampshire.
ON ON will be at 7PM .
Please take note of this.
Full details will follow soon as soon as "De Bling Ting" and myself can get in de bush.

Beers next week will be 4 for $11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More news coming soon on the proposed hash cruise next year. I can tell you that I have had great interest so far.
Time to go and get my flash light / torches out for next week.
Happy Father's day to all fathers especially Fathers who hash. ON ON

Last Updated on Friday, 05 July 2013 13:45

Hash #781 Red Mud

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"Respect De Bananas" was in Red Mud looking for a trail on Thursday afternoon. Two days before the hash. That scared Grandad and myself but despite it not being too long it was a really interesting trail. The rope section might not have stood up to to many more going through but it was fine as long as you have a head for heights. Whichever trail you were on you could not help but marvel at the beauty all around. Thanks to all who helped with yesterday's hash.

Back at base the party got going and despite the Police Commissioner and The Captain going AWOL along with their privates we still had some fun. One of the privates was there to lend a hand to proceedings but for the hash trial our Bailiff was called upon to restore order. The case before the court was that on the 1st June an un-named hasher changed an arrow thus sending unsuspecting hashers on the wrong trail and in the words of the accused "towards a wrong hole". It seems that she had brought along an aide to try and help get her off the charge. We dealt with him and then found the accused had absconded so in her absence we found her guilty and issued the punishment which was to give her a much needed hash name. One that she had called her self earlier. " Wrong Hole" Please Kinda Francis-Chitterman wear your name with pride and I hope you have learned your lesson. Yesterday I briefly mentioned a proposed hash cruise on the Mandalay tall ship next May. For now we are looking for interest and yesterday we got a lot of that. If anyone else fancies a week's sailing and hashing with a lot of partying then please indicate below.

Yesterday due to a problem with the bar for next week I could not give details but after a reckie this morning I can confirm we are hashing in Champfleur a beautiful village high up in the hills. Nadias shop is the starting point and I can tell you they are all looking forward to it. I will put full details out on Wednesday evening. Have a great week. ON ON

Last Updated on Friday, 05 July 2013 13:51

Hash #780 Requin Junction

A virgin hare will always give you something different from what we are used to and yesterday we got just that. Long! Don't get me wrong I loved the trail it did have one or two areas that are a no no for us like the farmer's field. His cause was not helped by the two young females that decided it would be good fun to move the direction of the arrow and send everyone the wrong way even to the point of putting an 'X' on the correct trail. " Breast Berry" again and Kinda Francis-Chitterman were the guilty ones. We know this for sure as "Breast Berry" took a photo of her accomplice committing the crime!!

With the length of the trail it meant an anxious wait to make sure all were back in and then we could deal with the matters before the court. One was a long standing hash name to give out. Jennifer Becker had, after the Pirate hash, set off back having drank the man's beer instead of Carib. After a mile or so she got "Camel Toe" to stop the car. It was time to relay the road with the man's beer she had drank earlier. I can tell you that is one "Sick Lady".

The aforementioned movement of paper took up a lot of time and then it was time to party. Now the venue yesterday is why hashing in Grenada is so much fun. Right on the main road just a small Rum Shop and yet over 200 of us had a great time. Yes it is not perfect but that's hashing in Grenada for you.

We have lots happening behind the scenes at the moment and as soon as all is settled you will know about the plans for the rest of the year and in to 2014. The web site has the full list of hashes through to September. So if you are making plans to visit Grenada or are planning a trip away you can check it out.

Next week we are in Red Mud with "Respect De Bananas". An experienced hare in a great area of Grenada so I can safely say it is gonna be good.

I'm off to a Garden Party. I know I'm going posh. Do not worry it's only for the day. Enjoy your week and see you in Red Mud. ON ON

Last Updated on Friday, 05 July 2013 13:54

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