Grenada Hash House Harriers

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Grenada Hash House Harriers Diary

Hash #813

Hash #813

"I couldn't look down!" Was the comment of so many hashers coming back in off yesterday's trail.
Double Entry told us that the runners trail was going to be a challenge, but for those with a fear of heights, and more so those with a fear of falling to a certain death, it certainly was. And off course, he always seems to squeeze in that false trail that takes so many further uphill than they need at the start of a hash!

I think some hashers found themselves unexpectedly on the runners trail instead of the walkers, when a sudden downpour made easy work of destroying the hares markings on the ground. But unlike my baptism of fire with Hopless, all hashers where in well before dark, and all accounted for!

After dealing with the virgins, including two from the Taunton Hash in the UK, we had the pleasure of welcoming back our Miami Trihashletes.
We felt it unfair that Helen Raithby was the only one in the group that didn't have a hash name, that was easily rectified. Helen's legs seemed to take slightly longer to recover than the rest of her fellows, walking with a completely wooden gate!
The lack of mobility in her wooden legs, earned her the hash name "Chopsticks"! The rest of them didn't escape the welcome back, with a ritual dousing in Carib.

Thanks again to Troy "Double Entry" Felix, and to Ian and Tahyra, for hosting a GH3 hash.


Hash #812 - Woodford

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"Hopeless" took us to a beautiful secluded beach in Woodford.
I must admit I was a little sceptical when he told me it was just passed the dump, but I think we were all pleasantly surprised. He and his team had done a fantastic job of clearing the beach for us, cutting steps on the path, and providing some fantastic food!
It was probably the first time we had been visited by a Mega Yacht. Thank you Hopeless.

Now to the part that Hopeless is infamous for. There appeared to be mass confusion on the runners trail, where at one point the trail seemed to disappear completely.
It took some sixty hashers ten minutes to find the way forward! The walkers trail was slightly on the dangerous side, with slippery rocks, barbed wire and a trip through some farmers crops!
The namby pambys seemed to depart there trail and find themselves on a completely different one. Perhaps we need an addition to his hash name!

As usual we were going to award Hopeless with the "Hash Shit of the Week" award, but alas we still had 27 hashers (mainly virgins) out on the trail after the sweepers had got back in.
To be fair to Hopeless, this was not necessarily his fault. A number of our virgins had slightly the wrong idea about "Drinkers with a running problem". Hashers generally do the drinking part after they get back from the running part!

Thanks again to "Rhetrospective" and those who went out looking for them.


Funeral of Lester

The funeral of Lester will take place at 2pm on 28th of January at Pome Rose Pentecostal church. We hope as many hashers as is possible are there to pay their respects. Lester was a great friend to GH3 and it will be fitting to give him a great hash send off.

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