Grenada Hash House Harriers

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Grenada Hash House Harriers Diary

Hash #797 28th Birthday in Clozier

How do you follow a great hash weekend in Carriacou? Try a hash birthday party in Grenada's highest village Clozier. The setting was stunning high up in the hills but still surrounded by mountain ranges towering over the Community Center. Delma our host worked hard and just about got the food out on time. It was worth waiting for and needed as any trail around this area will test you and I think we definitely did that with river, climbs, great vegetation both fruit and fauna and trails of the forest. Yes I think we gave you everything you expected. Our birthday party got in to full swing with a great DJ and plenty of cold Carib added with the food and then...... Yes we had some work for the hash police. Now whilst we were not shy in telling everyone that GH3 was 28 yesterday some found it more difficult. First Donnel Smiley Smith aka "Single Handed" . Maybe we should have called him slippery eel !! Then there was Garvin Griffith aka "Juliette". Not only is he in denial of getting old he then tried to escape by hiding in a car that was leaving this great party. The power of the hashers stopped his little game and he was brought forward to receive his birthday present "Hash Shit of the week"!!! Then " Softwood" gets a down down for organising the poor parking and setting the trail through farm land. Well in my defence I wanted it on the pasture which would have given great parking and the farmers ALL gave us permission to go through their land. Still I realised that Jusceno Jacob aka "Sex Problem" was, after all the work he had been doing, needing a drink and a cool down so I was pleased to pass on the contents of the "Dotty Potty" to him. Funny he did not seem pleased. Can't think why. Less than two years to go and we can start planning our 30th birthday. Talking of big hashes we are now full on for our 800th celebrations in just over two weeks. On Friday 25th, thanksgiving day in Grenada, we are having a treasure hunt lime on Hog Island. We hope to have around 40 good prizes and at least half as many hash prizes. You will be asked to search for the prize discs on the island but will only be able to present one disc each. On the prizes if you are part of the business community and would like to donate a prize just call me on 449 1010. On Saturday 26th October we are at Mellows River Tubing for our 800th Hash. This promises to be a great day with lots happening and plenty of trails to choose from. Full details out very soon. Next week "Crisis" is the hare and he is taking us to Tivoli in the parish of St Patrick's. Have a great week friends. ON ON

Hash #796 Carriacou

Trying to get back to reality after the Carriacou hash weekend is hard work. To all those who made it up to the sister isle you were part of a great weekend for GH3 and to all those who made it back down congratulations. It got off to a great start with the early bird barbecue and promotional hash around the streets of Hillsbrough. We ran of a short route with banner, flags, the toilet seat and the "Dotty Potty" Our aim was to try and attract more people to come and join us and a few did so you never know in the future we may have a Carriacou Kennel to hash with. Friday disappeared in to White in the Night. It was now very apparent that Wayne and Alvicia from Wayne's auto rentals was looking after us very well. This showed with the smooth running. Saturday dawned and after setting the paper with "Two Shits" for the trails on Friday we realised that we needed to clean the pricks of the trails. No wait not what you are thinking it's the pricker bushes. We did not want to get hashers cut you know. Then it was time for the buses to arrive and get off to the start. Now this we think is a first for Grenada. The start was to be from a grave yard. Not any old grave yard but one that was being eaten by the march of the sea. Many graves have been lost to the sea. We had arranged for a beach clean up and the hashers did good again with over 60 bags of rubbish collected. I did point out to leave the bones on the beach if you find any. Then we were off from the east coast to run over the island to the west coast and Hillsbrough where the party was in full swing. With us over the weekend was a special little girl named Katrina who had been very ill over the last 18 months. She walked most of the way and as a reward we gave her a hash name of "Success". The music was from a DJ who did a great job all weekend and a Carriacou string band named Bassy and the Boys. Very different and very good. Great to hear. Once again the drifted off. Sunday dawned and for those who still had energy "SSUseless" had set a wicked hash with " 23 false trails" he lied there was 24. Crazy trail but great. The rest of the day was spent in the water till it was time to pack and catch the Osprey back down. It is at this point I will leave out a section. Once back in Grenada with Carriacou done it is time move on to 797 and the 800th. No time to rest. Details of the next hash out very soon and news of the 800th coming this week. While we were having fun our Tryhasletes were in Barbados. They all did well with only one not getting a medal. Shame as he was "Dead" certain he would. My thanks to all who helped with the smooth running in Carriacou. We could not have done it without you all. Bring on next year. ON ON

Hash #795 Maran St John's

Ah the joys of hashing and especially hashing in Grenada. Last week too long this week to short. Can the hares win never is the answer. However as I said last week the meaning of the word hash is............. From a personal point of view it was good to get back on the trails and for the first one in 5 I can tell you I was pleased that the hares misread the mileometer. Whatever happens on a hash and it will you always have the beauty that is Grenada. Then it was back to base and yes that is one of the big reasons the hares got a down down and lead hare getting hash shit of the week. Nice collection of Rum shops right on the main west coast rd!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone looked after us well and once again the hash made more friends in the Isle of Spice. Petra Baptiste has more reason than most to remember yesterdays hash as it was her day to be hash christened. The previous week she was caught on "Falsies" great video, thanks Bruno Denis, in the river screaming her head off. Then as someone pointed out she is always promising to come but she rarely does but when she does come she screams. We could only call her "Screamer". Now we get ready for our annual Carriacou hash weekend. Plans are mostly made but if you have not and you are going you better get moving. Accommodation is booking fast. Most of the details are on the events page and I will give an update on the trails, transport and any other news as I get it. A little bit different type of hash lined up but I think it will work and a beach party to finish. Wayne is getting prepared for us and is looking forward to the weekend and if preparation is the link to success then we are in for a great weekend. Remember everything happens by the tents and a list of events over the weekend and timings will be on display at the tents and in Waynes. So no excuses for missing anything. Just one item I do want to stress you must get to the tents on Saturday by 2.30pm. If you think you can turn up at 4pm Susie M Grey and start, forget it. You will be a long way from the start!! Looking further ahead. Preparations are going well for the 800th hash and it will be at least a two day celebration with a hash lime / treasure hunt on Thanksgiving day. Lots to look forward to. I wish you all safe journeys and lets make this a great Carriacou weekend. ON ON

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