Grenada Hash House Harriers

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Grenada Hash House Harriers Diary

Hash #800 - La FOrce, Birch Grove, St. Andrews

Having two days of celebrations for the 800th run in Grenada seemed to go well.
With the Treasure Hunt on Friday creating lots of fun, frustration, disappointment and yes great joy. We even managed lots of mud on Hog Island.

Yesterday at La Force in the parish of St. Andrews we had lots of fun by the Balthazar river at Mellow's river tubing.
The owner Crispin looked after us with great enthusiasm and together with GH3 allowed those who wanted to try out the river tubing.
The ones who did had a great time but I did see a few who could not stop and were heading off to Barbados. The area is very beautiful indeed and perfect hashing country with many good trails.

Thanks to "Grandad" and his team for a job well done.
Back at base we had the admin team working overtime. "Dominatrix" in charge of signing everyone in and out and "Asphalt Empress" selling the 800th shirts.
Great job.

Now sometimes we catch people coming off the trails with a mango or two and of course we frown on any fruit being taken. So imagine our shock to find Chermaine St Clair coming back in with not a grain, not even a hand but a whole bunch of Green Fig!!!!
very deservedly getting hash shit of the week and yes we gave you a name but on reflection we might have to change from "Green Wood".

I did get a few reports of one person banging their head on the trail yesterday but I believe he is now OK.
I did take some grief from one person for not having my phone with me on the trail. I'm very sorry about this however this person still wanted to give me a hash punishment.

In the end it was in fact she who got the down down and a hash name.
Finally got you Odette or should I say " Head Banger" .

Mika Tnek Tniassuot was the very lucky winner on Friday of a hash treasure.
Unfortunately that was the only prize we did not have as it was going to be presented by "Joy Boy".
Unfortunately he could not make it so yesterday I met with John ON Saturday morning and was able then to read out his letter of authenticity and then handed over a sock that had done 5 hashes at the 1998 Kuala Lumpar 60th anniversary of the founding of the hash movement. It was pointed out that it had never been washed and had sat outside since that time.
The sock was handed over to " Old Sock"!!!

Seeing all the happy faces makes it all worth while and then to cap a great weekend we had a visit from the Prime Minister himself.
This Saturday we have no hash but we do have a hash on Thursday 31st October for Halloween. We are at the Ole Skool Pub off the airport rd near to the Beach House. Full details as soon as I have them. Our hare is the ghost himself " Knee Jerker".

Time to rest. Have a great week. ON ON


Hash #799

With yesterdays #799 hash run we are now free to look forward to a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend of celebrations for our 800th hash. First up we have on Friday 25th we are on Hog Island or as we are calling it Treasure Island!!! The much anticipated Treasure hunt will be taking place and registration will take place from 1pm to 3pm. There is no charge but you must register to take part. Remember you can only present one treasure token. Leave the rest there as you will gain nothing by taking more. It is not about speed. The tokens are all numbered and relate to the number on the prize list that will be in a sealed envelope. All instructions are on the web site and on our Facebook page. We will have some food and drink but when that done Roger's bar will be right there selling beer 3 for 10 and food. Lambie Waters - $10 and BBQ chicken meal - $15. There will be a live band right on the beach to help the party swing. Then on Saturday 26th we are in Baltazar at the Mellows River Tubing for what promises to be a fantastic day with 5 great trails for ALL abilities. The hash will start at 3.30pm so please take note and do not miss the start of this momentous day in the history of GH3. After the hash we have great food and carib 3 for 10 and to help the party swing yet another live band backed up by a top DJ. Be prepared for a party to beat all parties. Oh and did I mention that you can go down the river in a tube courtesy of Mellows and GH3. Have a great short week and then lets give thanks for what promises to be a fantastic weekend. ON ON

Hash #798 La Poterie St Andrew's

From thick mud to fun on the beaches. What a difference a week makes. It would not be a hash if there was no confusion and yesterday we definitely had confusion. First where was Tanty's Rum Shop. Yes we know if people read the notice you would have no probs but it seems a few took the HHH sign pointing directly at the Catholic church a bit to seriously. All turned out good in the end and we were ready for ON ON. With the details announced, more confusion, it was ON ON......and then ON BACK.....and then ON BACK......before finally the FRB's stopped going round in circles and found the right trail. I don't know what or who caused the problem but for me it was good to be a temporary member of the FRB group. On to the beach and then another beach....and then another beach. Never mind at least we will go back to base through the bush.....wrong we hit the road ALL the way back. Hmm. Then it was time to deal with the many misdemeanors. It never ceases to amaze me that people can fail to tick their name off before having the first Carib. Then it was on to a hash name for Vernon A Mathlin´╗┐. We have tried long and hard to get a name for the slippery bas***d so it was great joy that we finally got him. Someone found the evidence on the side of the road. A discarded bandana with the company he works for plastered all over it. Enjoy your name "Scarf Face" Thanks to everyone who was responsible for yesterday's good fun and just what we like confusion!! Looking ahead to the 800th. All details are out on the website and on the facebook page. Plans and preparations are in the advanced stage and looking good. If anyone in the business sector wants to give a piece of treasure for the Treasure hunt on Friday 25th please message me here on FB. The T-shirts should be out this week so will be on sale at Saturday's hash priced only $25. This next week we are in Grand Bras in St Andrew with the hare that put's the fear of God in me......."Bust Bar"!!!!!!!!!! Please have enough beer. I remember one she did when we had 5 cases of beer. She has learned since then........I hope. Just a little mention a group of mainly hashers should by now be back from climbing Diamond Rock and raising the flag of Grenada on the top. I hope it all went well and looking forward to hearing all about it. Time for a barbeque in the garden. Till next week ON ON

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