Grenada Hash House Harriers

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Grenada Hash House Harriers Diary

Hash #808 Grand Christmas Hash

Where to start after a day of great hashing fun. The day started early and the first bit of bad news was the tent had been put up in the wrong place. Thanks to "Christopher Columbus" and Howard Clarke for there help in relocating it. Out on the trails things were going well with many false trails put in to fool you all. It was great to see so many of you made the effort to dress in the Christmas theme. The trails seemed to go down well with you all and of course the beer stop got the thumbs up. Back at base and the Christmas child came out in many of us. First up was the "Hash Shit of the Year Awards". A very auspicious occasion and we were delighted to have The Grand Inquisitor Emeritus " Joy Boy" on hand to present the certificates to the well earned winners. I will post the full list of winners here later today but I can tell you that the winner of "Hash Shit Of The Year" for 2013 for the hash at Prickly Bay and a number of other happenings through the year went to "Hopeless" . I think you will agree he worked hard to win that award. Santa arrived to great fanfare and with presents for all he was busy except when he stopped for a Carib. Then it was on to the hash choir and the carol singing. Not sure it went to well but not bad for the first time getting together. The words to the Hash songs will be posted here later. There was just time left to thank all the many people who help at nearly every hash. Without them the hash would not happen. You all know who you are so my very grateful thanks to you all. From all at GH3 we would like to wish you and your family's a very Happy Christmas. Our next hash will be an Ends Hash on New Year's day out on Quarantine Point. With that we would like to wish you all a peaceful New Year in 2014. ON ON!!!

Hash #807 Beaton St David's

Once again we were at an area that had been done before but with the scheming pair of hares setting many false trails there was no denying it was great fun and in the beauty of Grenada's lush countryside. Thanks " Double Entry" and " Girl Guide" for putting a great trail on at very short notice. Sadly the bar did not match trails. I will say no more on that matter. Another week to say goodbye to friends who are leaving Island not to return. Thanks for coming to the hash here in Grenada. It was also the day we finally named Ian Dabreo. Been trying to get him but since his staring role in the Carriacou Staycation advert he has been inundated with work. Not sure what work. Anyway when next you see him do call him "Ms Stevens". Yesterday the voting was heavy as the rush to cast that all important vote before the polls closed. The count is not yet in but I think there may be some surprises!! The Hash Shit of the year award ceremony will be held as part of our Christmas hash this coming Saturday on Calivigny pasture. As well as the awards we will be having the hash choir with many of your favorite Christmas songs and some you will not know. If we have been good the big man will be making an appearance. Along with two great trails and our usual fun, Carib, food and Danny as our DJ it all points to a hash not to be missed. Oh and don't forget you MUST come in a Christmas outfit, at the very least wear Red, White and Green. Time for a swim me thinks. Till next week ON ON !!!
Last Updated on Sunday, 15 December 2013 20:03

Hash #807

Finally news on the trails. The runners trail is just that . Today we have no warnings on the trail so the walkers is good and longer than last weeks....Not hard. No bad areas makes you think easy. Think again remember we do not give notice of hills on the trails or mountains. I have been informed by the lead hare "Double Entry" that there will be check points a plenty so you have been warned. News on the bar and food shortly. For now rest up and get ready for hash #807. ON ON!!!

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