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Hash#721 La Tante St Davids

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After the long haul of last week and the great fun we had you would expect a more sedate hash. Wrong. So first up we can't find the road then when we find the road we can't find the rum shop. Bit of uncertainty over whose fault this was. However there was no uncertainty over whose fault it was for taking the hashers over the rocks and under the wave line. For one reason or another "Absolut Cobbler " has not hashed for a few weeks, we will not hold this against him, yesterday he set off at a sedate pace and upon arrival at the rocks and knowing "Jah Wise" had set the hash!! He presumed that the hash would go around the headland. Where "Cobbler" goes the rest will follow. Sure enough at the end there were stories galore of people being covered in large waves , phones getting a sea bath and extra calories being burnt due to fear. How he got away without a "Down Down" is beyond me. Thankfully everyone got back in one piece which is more that can be said for your leader. Yes I took a trip on some "Love vine " I managed to break the record for hitting the ground from a standing start. There waiting for me was a rock. The result I now look a lot better. Not sure if the tooth will survive or not but it will be waters and soup for some time I feel. Our thanks goes to " Jah Wise " for setting up yesterdays hash. A great location set in "Jesinas" back yard!! " Jah Wise " is going to be busy as the next five hashes have got his name on them. As you know we are not short of hares but it has just fallen like this. In fact we are now starting to fill dates in June!! I thank all volunteers for stepping forward. Talking of which you may have seen a post on the G3H fb page From "Retrospective" asking for volunteers for the "Sweat team". This is a team that IF needed will be prepared to go back in the bush usually after dark to find lost or slow hashers. We hope that we never have to use this team for obvious reasons. It is better to be prepared. So anyone can contact him if they feel they have the qualities needed. Yesterday local registration opened for the ICH. This is to establish numbers so we can work out food and drink for each venue. Also we are hoping to have transport to and from each hash. This week we start the local promotion of the ICH with a regular Friday slot on TV with Marc DeCaul on Daybreak. We shall be on at 6.45am starting this Friday so tune in to find out more the ICH. Anyone got any "tooth glue". "Softwood" ON ON

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