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Hash 719 Westerhall Rum Factory

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With this hash we launch the run in to the Inter Caribbean Hash. Yes it is just a short few weeks now till we welcome hashers from all over the world to our beautiful island. Yesterday we had a dummy run for the opening of the ICH and what a venue we have. Westerhall Rum Factory is a beautiful location and a great place to start the ICH. My thanks yesterday to the " Bald Rummers " for setting a trail that was shorter than of late and I think most appreciated this and yes " Got The Runs " took advantage and did it twice!! The Valentines Hash brought out the romantics and some great photos coming in showing just that. I wish you all a great Valentines day for Tuesday. There were two hashers who earned a hash name yesterday. One for being stupid. Peter Lowe got ready for the hash and set off to the Rum ClarkEs Court!!!! Now as no one saw him you would think that it would have been wise for him to keep his mouth closed but alas he told me and the result "Confused Rummer". The second person could have been from the group who wish for less numbers at hashes. Rebecca Thompson again told me of her attempt to knock out a male hasher by pushing a tree over and onto his head. Thankfully no damage was done but for you Rebecca you will now be known as " Wood Woman " . To you two and Graham and John wear your names with pride. Next week we are in another place of great beauty , Mount Rodney Beach. "Grandad" is 60 next week and he has invited us to his neck of the woods to help him celebrate this mile stone. I too am in shock as I thought it should be 70 not 60!!! He has promised a great hash as ever and some very nice surprises along the way. I know of some of these surprises and I can tell you it will a worth while trip to the North of the island next Saturday. So clear the diary and get set to help "Grandad " . You may want to cut his food for him or offer a wheel chair or think of some other way we can make his day a better one now he has reached this grand age. Happy Valentines Day to all hashers. ON ON

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